Online Singing Lessons

Why Online?

Less time spent travelling. Neither of us have to travel, meaning there is a greater flexibility on both where and when the session is delivered.

All you need is wifi!

Learn everything you would at a Face-to-Face session in the comfort of your own home

Lessons Frequency: Your choice!

Lessons Duration: 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes

Lessons Cost: £17 for 30 Minutes or £30 for 60 Minutes

All students will be given a 20 minute trial lesson.

What to expect from Online Singing Lessons

All online singing lessons are conducted via Zoom.

Online Singing Lessons are delivered in exactly the same way as Face-to-Face Singing Lessons. We will begin with scales and exercises to assess where your voice is currently.

After the initial assessment, I will be able to devise the most suitable vocal exercises to improve your voice. After this, you will sing a song of your choice, trying to implement the technique work done in the first part of the session. I am happy to suggest material too, and can cover a range of styles. The key thing is that you are enjoying what you are singing!

Online Singing Lessons are catered to the individual. Exact content is dependent on the goal of the student. We may look at acting through song, audition preparation, examinations, combatting stage freight, improving awareness and stage presence...